Pentland Crown & Bridge
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Pentland Crown & Bridge

Dental Laboratory

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  • Edinburgh’s Premier Dental Lab
  • Building For The Future
  • Using CAD / CAM Technology
  • Building Bridges between Dentist and Technician
  • Established for over 30 Years


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A Brief History

Founded in 1985, Pentland Crown & Bridge is proud to boast over 30 years of experience in crown and bridge restorations.

We are a forward-thinking company who understand and embrace the need to constantly move with the technology.

In order to be able offer the highest possible quality of work to our clients at the most competitive prices.

Building Bridges Between
Dentist and Technician

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Dental Services

Here at Pentland Crown & Bridge we have embraced the future and never looked back. The introduction of digital scanners was a pivotal moment in the history of dentistry. We now aim to scan and design 100% of the work we produce from full metal crowns to custom implant abutments and everything in-between. This means we can achieve the best fit possible allowing our skilled technician’s the perfect platform to deliver beautiful final aesthetics to you and your patients.

With the advancements in digital technology, dentistry has now become a worldwide industry growing by the day. We utilise and enjoy working with partners and colleagues all over Europe but our ethos is still that a personal touch is best. With that in mind we welcome dentists and patients alike to our laboratory for consultations to ensure the patient leaves the dentist’s surgery happy.

Pentland Crown and Bridge
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